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Frequently asked questions

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  • What environmental badge does my vehicle have?
    The DGT has classified the vehicles that can qualify for the environmental badge in four different categories: B (yellow), C (green), ECO (green-blue) and 0 (blue).
    To learn more about the environmental badges, click here.
    If you want to check the license plate of your vehicle with us, click here.
  • My license plate does not shown on your website, what could be the cause?
    This can be due to three reasons:
    It does not correspond the environmental badge. This is because your vehicle does not meet the minimum requirements to qualify for the B (EURO III) badge.
    You can circulate, but you will have to be very attentive to the contamination scenarios and access protocols to Madrid and Barcelona.
    It may be due to an error in the DGT´s database. If you are sure that, your vehicle corresponds to the environmental adhesive. We suggest you get in touch with the DGT (060) and try to solve it directly with them.
    There are motor-engines that comply with environmental standards but that by date of cut have been out. These cases could be solved by contacting the brand of your vehicle and asking them if they comply with the EURO III / IV / V standard. If yes, they would have to issue a certificate, which you would have to submit to the DGT to change the environmental classification.
  • Are they mandatory?
    Yes. If your vehicle can opt for the environmental badge, you must carry it. All vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, buses or trucks need their environmental badge to travel through Madrid or Barcelona.
    If you do not live in these cities or you are not going to visit them, according to the DGT, the placement of the badge is voluntary. However, it is advisable to carry the sticker placed on the lower right side of the front windshield.
  • If I circulated without the badge, could I be fined??
    Yes. If you can opt for the badge, you must wear it in the lower corner of the front windshield.
    Vehicles that do not have the right to the badge may circulate as long as they comply with the contamination scenarios and access protocols of these cities.
    In Barcelona, circulate without the badge in low emission areas; you will be fined € 100.
    In Madrid, it will be obligatory in all municipal perimeter. The fine is € 90.
  • The motorcycles too?
    Yes. To apply for the sticker, you must comply with these requirements:
    Two and three wheel mopeds (cylinder capacity less than 50 cm³ if internal combustion and maximum speed not exceeding 45 km / h); light quadricycles (with a mass under vacuum of less than 350 kg - without including the mass of the batteries in case of electric - maximum speed not exceeding 45 km / h, displacement less than or equal to 50 cm³ for internal combustion engines or a power equal to or less than 4 kW for other types of engines); and two-wheel motorcycles with or without sidecar (cylinder capacity greater than 50 cm³, if internal combustion, and maximum speed greater than 45 km / h).
    Check the license plate of your motorcycle, here.
  • What documentation should I provide to request the badge?
    If you are a private individual, you must send us a photo or scan (JPG, PDF or PNG formats) of the front of your ID or Driver's License and the Driving Permit.
    If you are a company, you can send us the documentation as a private person or you can choose to send us the CIF of the company. What you find most comfortable.
  • Who can apply?
    Anyone. You can request the badge for your father, partner, company, etc. The important thing is that the registration permit matches with license plate.
  • Can I make several requests at the same time?
    No. Each request must be registered individually. What should be done in these cases is to attach the documentation in an email.
    Eg. If you request 5 license plates you have to make each one individually without adding any documentation and finish the purchase. After it, you have to send an email to attaching a single copy of the ID, Driver's License or CIF plus the 5 circulation permits.
  • I am a company, how can I request the stickers for my vehicle fleet?
    If the number of vehicles is less than 10, you will have to make the application individually for each registration and then provide the documentation in a single email.
    If the vehicle number is greater than 10, please contact us by email or you can fill out the form that you will find here.
  • How long does it take to get to my address?
    The shipment is by ordinary postal mail. The time included would be between 4 and 12 days.
    Please, when you write your address it includes all the necessary details so that the sending is carried out correctly. The street without number / portal / floor / etc. It is not a shipping option.
    If you want it to be sent to your company address, please include the name of your company after your last name.
  • Is it possible to return my purchase / environmental badge?
    It is possible that we will refund the amount, if you cancel your purchase in the next 2 hours since you made the purchase.
  • I have made a mistake in my address, registration, data, etc. Can I rectify?
    Yes. You have up to 2 hours to make the necessary changes.
    Please bear in mind that we check the license plates with the traffic permits or that the registration requested corresponds to the address, ID number or ID number.
    LOPDD doesn´t allow us to validate or check the data / documentation that you send us. The documentation is attached to your application and sent directly to the DGT.
    The request for your sticker is a personalized product so once issued and sent, you are the only responsible.
  • I have paid with PAYPAL, do you send it to the shipping address I have with them?
    No. The PayPal shipping address does not have to match the one you provide. Stickers-DGT considers only the one you provide in the application form.
  • My vehicle is new and does not appear yet in the DGT, nor on your page. What I can do? Can I be fined?
    The DGT takes a few days to update its database, so it will have to circulate without the sticker until the information is received and can be processed.
    Be careful, they can fine you. What we do not know is whether the city will consider these circumstances when the fine is appealed. However, according to what they have said, they will fine all the vehicles that correspond to the sticker and do not carry it.
    In the whole municipality of Madrid and in Barcelona in the designated areas.
  • I have just purchased a vehicle and I have provisional permission. Can I request the sticker?
    Yes. The DGT admits provisional permission to acquire the sticker.
  • Foreign registrations, what happens with them?
    The DGT only issues environmental badges for cars registered in Spain and with Spanish registration.
    Can I move?
    Yes. Driving through Spain without the environmental sticker is allowed without any restrictions.
    In Madrid and Barcelona for now, there are no restrictions.
    If you want to get in touch with them, these are their websites:
    Links Barcelona and Madrid*.
    * There is no page in English.
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